Achievement unlocked: 15.000 words!

Actually, I’ve unlocked this achievement already last week … but I like to keep track of my writing process. So, here we are! Still nothing important, but on the other hand it’s another nice looking number.

15k words badge

Additional reward:
+1 intellect
+1 wisdom
+1 writing skills

Writing process reloaded (soon!)

I finished the conceptual design of the informatics part yesterday. Sure, there’re still some things left to do: creating some charts, improving some parts of the concept and creating missing parts of the proof of concept. On the other hand, these things are only minor issues, so I decided to take a break and to focus my creativity over the next weeks on the writing phase of my thesis.

Right now, I’m looking through all the informations and results I gathered during the concept phase. After getting an idea of how I’ll present these informations in my thesis I’ll continue the writing process.