A short update

It’s a long time ago since my last blog post. On the one hand, I was very busy writing my thesis, preparing a weekend seminar and … . On the other hand, nothing special happened and I had not enough time writing the next part of my raid management guide. Hopefully I can continue during the next two weeks.

After I finished this weekend block course on the first weekend of june, I thought I would be finished with all the university stuff except for the master thesis. Unfortunately, the last missing course was postponed to late of july and it needs a bit of preparation. In this case, I’m not as free as I thought I would be to continue with my master thesis. But I’m in good hope finishing the preparation and writing the handout within the next days.

The week after the block course, I used for some appointments with my master thesis supervisors to talk about my current status of my master thesis and to get some new inputs. The next steps on the long road will be: Realising the ideas made up during the appointments and making some thoughts about the realisation of the informatics part of my master thesis. I’ve already made up some thoughts about the informatics part. Next monday, I’ll present and discuss them.

Beside of working on my master thesis, I was watching some Diablo 3 hardcore progress streams. It’s impressive how coordinated these players are working. Even setbacks like character deaths weren’t a huge hit for them. They try to work even harder to compensate the loss of time. The preparation and the commitment of these players reaching thier goal was really impressive.
Finally, the night before the release of patch 1.0.3 – which brought a huge nerf to the endgame – two players reached their goal and finished Diablo 3 inferno on hardcore.

After finishing my master thesis, I would like to make some research about the development of team skills during gaming. It’s really impressive how such games lead to coordinated teamwork.

Well, I think that’s all for now. Hope to write more soon!