Master of Arts and a Ph.D advisor!

My master certificate arrived last week. I can now officially call myself master of arts! What an achievement! Wohoo!

Ok, back to serious business (and of course even more great news!): I found my Ph.D advisor! After a short meeting last year just before christmas, he told me the great news during a long phone call on january 18th. He told me also about the long and complicated path to the Ph.D again.
So, if I start to worry about my Ph.D and all the work I have to do, I need to remind myself of only one thing and only one date: It was my own decision on january 18th. No complaints!

Right now I’m trying to get a clear structure into my Ph.D research project so I can make a short run-through with my doctoral advisor and finally begin with my research.

Today, like Sheldon in the great Big Bang Theory episode „The vacation solution“ I took some hours off and had some interesting insight in biological work. I even pestled some dried lichen. Fortunately nothing was broken afterwards …


Soxhlet extractor (or as I would call it, the „Giant Lichen Coffee Maker“)

Master thesis submitted!

My master thesis just before submission

My master thesis just before submission

It’s done! I’ve submitted my master thesis today. 22.654 words all about gamification, soft skill training, soft skill assessment, e-learning and a possible implementation of it in the e-learning system „moodle“.

Success! Badge

Success! Badge

Many thanks to my supervisors, my friends and of course my parents. All of you helped me a great deal during the working process by giving me your support, new thoughts and additional ideas about how I could approach my work. Thank you!

Vielen Dank an meine Betreuer, meine Freunde und natürlich meine Eltern. Ihr alle habt mir sehr durch eure Unterstützung, neuen Gedanken und zusätzlichen Ideen zur Thematik bei meiner Arbeit geholfen. Danke!

I can’t believe it, but it’s already over. I was so involved in the working process over the last months, so it’s a strange feeling having finished the master thesis. On the other hand, I’ve some upcoming projects for the near future. Can’t wait to make them real!

Achievement unlocked: 20.000 words!

The amount of words in my master thesis is increasing rapidly. In this case I can proudly announce my latest achievement: my thesis now consists of more than 20.000 words!

20k words badge

Additional reward:
+1 writing skills
+1 endurance
+1 resistance to distracting objects

Achievement unlocked: 15.000 words!

Actually, I’ve unlocked this achievement already last week … but I like to keep track of my writing process. So, here we are! Still nothing important, but on the other hand it’s another nice looking number.

15k words badge

Additional reward:
+1 intellect
+1 wisdom
+1 writing skills

Writing process reloaded (soon!)

I finished the conceptual design of the informatics part yesterday. Sure, there’re still some things left to do: creating some charts, improving some parts of the concept and creating missing parts of the proof of concept. On the other hand, these things are only minor issues, so I decided to take a break and to focus my creativity over the next weeks on the writing phase of my thesis.

Right now, I’m looking through all the informations and results I gathered during the concept phase. After getting an idea of how I’ll present these informations in my thesis I’ll continue the writing process.

Next up: summer school !

I did great progress over the last two weeks in thinking about the features of my gamifcation concept. The realisation or better the finalisation of my concept on the other hand is a little bit more complicated. I think, it’ll need some more discussions with my supervisors to make sure I’ve got the right idea of the final result I’ll present in my master thesis.
The good thing: I’ve coded a bit and managed to get a very small piece of my concept working!

The next week the „International Summer School – Media Studies“ is taking place at my university and I’ll be one of the participants. I’m really looking forward to discuss topics concerning Augmented Reality and E-Sports. I think it’s a great opportunity to get a deep insight into current research fields and of course getting new impressions and thoughts by discussing them with well-known experts like Jay Bolter.
The other side of the medal: I won’t have much time to progress with my informatics concepts.

Gamification of your own life

Gamification of your own life is pure fun: You’re always on top of the scoreboard, regardless if you’re slacking or not!
Sebastian Oberdörfer

Well, as you can see – or in this case not see, I didn’t wrote a new episode of my raid-management guide yet. I’m too busy doing different (and naturally more important!) things like making up some ideas and concepts for the gamification of an e-learning system.

I like to add more content regularly to my blog. So I’ll try to post some shorter updates on a regular basis over next weeks. Maybe the concept of shorter entries will pay off and I can offer more content than writing long articles and forgetting half of the things during this process.

A short update

It’s a long time ago since my last blog post. On the one hand, I was very busy writing my thesis, preparing a weekend seminar and … . On the other hand, nothing special happened and I had not enough time writing the next part of my raid management guide. Hopefully I can continue during the next two weeks.

After I finished this weekend block course on the first weekend of june, I thought I would be finished with all the university stuff except for the master thesis. Unfortunately, the last missing course was postponed to late of july and it needs a bit of preparation. In this case, I’m not as free as I thought I would be to continue with my master thesis. But I’m in good hope finishing the preparation and writing the handout within the next days.

The week after the block course, I used for some appointments with my master thesis supervisors to talk about my current status of my master thesis and to get some new inputs. The next steps on the long road will be: Realising the ideas made up during the appointments and making some thoughts about the realisation of the informatics part of my master thesis. I’ve already made up some thoughts about the informatics part. Next monday, I’ll present and discuss them.

Beside of working on my master thesis, I was watching some Diablo 3 hardcore progress streams. It’s impressive how coordinated these players are working. Even setbacks like character deaths weren’t a huge hit for them. They try to work even harder to compensate the loss of time. The preparation and the commitment of these players reaching thier goal was really impressive.
Finally, the night before the release of patch 1.0.3 – which brought a huge nerf to the endgame – two players reached their goal and finished Diablo 3 inferno on hardcore.

After finishing my master thesis, I would like to make some research about the development of team skills during gaming. It’s really impressive how such games lead to coordinated teamwork.

Well, I think that’s all for now. Hope to write more soon!

Achievement unlocked: 10.000 words!

My master thesis now containts more than 10.000 words! Nothing special, but it’s a nice number to highlight.

Influenced by my work, I thought about the gamification of my writing process:

10k words

10k words badge

Additional reward:
+1 intellect
+1 writing skills
+1 nerdiness


Wohoo! Achievement unlocked: „Write 5000 words“

Next up: More reading and even more words!

Writing progress!

Writing progress!