Moving the library!

After more than one year of good cooperation I took the chance and changed my reference management system from Citavi to Papers. It took a little bit of time (almost four days) to import all my (hopefully) relevant papers into my new system.

After these four days of intense work with it I can already state: Papers2 is just awesome! The import and match functions are really comfortable, highlighting helps a lot retrieving relevant passages and the Magic Manuscript is a great way to cite articles.

Can’t wait to start my work!

Gamification of your own life

Gamification of your own life is pure fun: You’re always on top of the scoreboard, regardless if you’re slacking or not!
Sebastian Oberdörfer

Well, as you can see – or in this case not see, I didn’t wrote a new episode of my raid-management guide yet. I’m too busy doing different (and naturally more important!) things like making up some ideas and concepts for the gamification of an e-learning system.

I like to add more content regularly to my blog. So I’ll try to post some shorter updates on a regular basis over next weeks. Maybe the concept of shorter entries will pay off and I can offer more content than writing long articles and forgetting half of the things during this process.