Next up: summer school !

I did great progress over the last two weeks in thinking about the features of my gamifcation concept. The realisation or better the finalisation of my concept on the other hand is a little bit more complicated. I think, it’ll need some more discussions with my supervisors to make sure I’ve got the right idea of the final result I’ll present in my master thesis.
The good thing: I’ve coded a bit and managed to get a very small piece of my concept working!

The next week the „International Summer School – Media Studies“ is taking place at my university and I’ll be one of the participants. I’m really looking forward to discuss topics concerning Augmented Reality and E-Sports. I think it’s a great opportunity to get a deep insight into current research fields and of course getting new impressions and thoughts by discussing them with well-known experts like Jay Bolter.
The other side of the medal: I won’t have much time to progress with my informatics concepts.

Gamification of your own life

Gamification of your own life is pure fun: You’re always on top of the scoreboard, regardless if you’re slacking or not!
Sebastian Oberdörfer

Well, as you can see – or in this case not see, I didn’t wrote a new episode of my raid-management guide yet. I’m too busy doing different (and naturally more important!) things like making up some ideas and concepts for the gamification of an e-learning system.

I like to add more content regularly to my blog. So I’ll try to post some shorter updates on a regular basis over next weeks. Maybe the concept of shorter entries will pay off and I can offer more content than writing long articles and forgetting half of the things during this process.