Finding of the week #329

Change of Pace

During my ongoing literature review I often discover interesting facts about things I’ve never thought about. Sometimes I can connect these facts with my own observations: The result is mostly a completely new idea why things are as they are. Maybe these ideas are new to you, too. Therefore I’ll share my new science based knowledge with you!

This week: This time, I discuss my future plans for this series and my blog in general.

Since more than 6 years, I am publishing a Finding of the week article once a week. The series accompanied me throughout my time as a PhD candidate. In total, I wrote 329 articles over the course of 329 consecutive weeks. Now, after having submitted the PhD thesis, I feel that it is time to move on to new directions.

Of course, my PhD is not complete, yet. I still have to defend the thesis and publish it afterwards. Also, there are still a lot of things left to be discussed around the topic of learning by gaming. There will always be a new game that addresses a specific learning content in a new way. Finally, new milestones will take place in the field of space exploration and around the important topic of global climate change.

As a result, my blog and the Finding of the week series will definitely be continued. However, activities will move away from a weekly schedule and align with future events as they occur. This also includes a potential change of the format. Entries might vary in length and potentially consist of pictures or videos only.

While the Finding of the week acted as a fixed point during the last years, it might now interfere with my personal goal of figuring out what the next big thing will be. Being at the edge of completing the PhD, I like to think about future opportunities and determine what my current interests are. Furthermore, I plan to try out new things, to change or improve a few things and maybe even to find some time to relax a bit.

In this way, this is not the end of my blog, but the beginning of something new. I enjoyed writing all of these 329 articles and I am happy about all the topics I have discussed since starting the series. The series also allowed me to discuss topics that would have not directly contributed to my thesis. Therefore, I am proud of this huge collection of knowledge that has accumulated over the course of 6 years. It might even be worth trying to compile all those articles into one long book!

In the end, I am looking forward to transition to a new stage in my life and changing this blog’s format is definitely one of the steps of this transition.

Thank you for having followed me along until this point!